I try not to participate in too many of these contests, but this is one that I really want to win. Even if you’re not interested in the possibility of seeing your favourite Bea take the D, please take a minute to still vote for me! For those that do want to see some B/G action, this will be YOUR ONLY OPPORTUNITY, ever.

Dates to vote: August 24th, 11 AM EST, to September 1st, 8 PM EST

Link to vote: BeaYork.manyvids.com/contest/2642

If I finish in —

3rd place: I’ll create a boy/girl blowjob video with a facial.

2nd place: I’ll create a boy/girl penetration video.

1st place: I’ll create a two boy/girl videos, one with a BJ and facial and one with a cream pie.

How to make it happen:

Vote $50 or more and you will receive whatever B/G content is produced.

Vote $25-49 and you will be able to purchase whatever B/G content is produced after the contest.

Best Deals:

$50 – Panties, fresh or worn for 24 hours, and mailed to with with USPS tracking.

$125 – Exclusive short video with your name. You get can pick out the outfit and I’ll pick out the rest. Your video will be 8-10 minutes long with limited editing, but I’ll tease, moan your name, and cum for you.

$250 – All 200+ of my current videos! 48 hours of content and worth over $2,500.

Other goodies:

$5 – Thank you for the support! You’ll get a fun little album and a cute little video of me teasing and showing you my appreciation.

$10 – Random Solo Video

$25 – Pick out two solo videos, signed 5×7 photo package, or get 2 months of my Snapchat! Either way, if I place at the end of the contest, you’ll get the opportunity to purchase whatever B/G videos I produce.

$50 – Pick out two G/G videos, cookie care package, or get lifetime Snapchat access. Either way, if I place at the end of the contest, you’ll get whatever B/G videos I produce sent to you.

$75 – Simple 10 minute custom video, 24 hour wear panty + cookie care package, or 3 day casual GFE arrangement.

$150 – Weeklong casual GFE, 10 minute exclusive custom where you get to pick the details, or 2 day wear panties with a 10 minute video of me teasing and cumming in them.

$500 – All of my videos, lifetime Snapchat, AND an exclusive 15 minute custom video.

??? – Want something that isn’t mentioned above? Just ask!

Booking 1-on-1 time:

Kik sessions (more details can be found at beayork.com/kik-sessions/)

$2/minute — normally $2.50/min.

Cam sessions (more details can be found at beayork.com/skype-sessions/)

$4/minute — normally $5/min.

This time will be good up until Dec. 31st, 2019. If we can’t work something out, then we’ll get more videos or something else equivalent. 

Questions? —

If you win, will you be looking for male talent? Can I be in your videos?

If I win, or place in the top 3, I will indeed be looking for someone to partner with. If you genuinely think you’d be a good fit, you must have two forms of ID, recently tested through Talent Testing, and be willing to sign legally binding documents giving me full rights to all media produced. I’m looking for someone who is local, somewhere between Portland and Vancouver, and willing to meet up at least a few times beforehand to make sure we can work well together. You MUST be able to perform for multiple hours of filming, set up, and retakes. Whomever ends up working with me will be compensated for their part in the videos! Serious inquiries can be sent to yourjunk@beayork.com

I loved having sessions with you in the past, can I buy a bunch of your time in votes and space it out throughout the year?

Yes, as long as it’s at least 15 minute increments and it was purchased during this contest. 

How long will custom videos take? 

You will have to be patient with these, especially since I put a lot of love and pride into my these. I do promise to get any contest customs completed ASAP though! 

What’s in the care package?

There’s a few little things included like a handmade card, home baked cookies, and signed printed photos.