I truly enjoy collabs and I love the magic that my peers bring when working together.

I do believe that the best content comes from organic chemistry so I try to make sure everyone that I collaborate with is a good fit!

If that might be you, let me know more about yourself! Send me a message here.

I am always looking to work with more creative people.

I would love to have a look over your portfolio to see if our creative styles align.

Send me a note with your links and I will be in touch if I like what I see. 

I would love to work with small businesses and brands that align with my interests and values. 

If any of these might be relevant to you, let me know here and if I think we’re a good fit, I’ll be in touch!

I occasionally attend fan focused events and that’s where you can meet me IRL, purchase merchandise from me, and maybe even get a selfie.

Make sure to subscribe to my VIP List so you don’t miss announcements and updates on appearances.

I love the variety of it all!

A good story really does it for me. It makes me so happy to slip into a new version of myself and make someone’s character come to life.

It’s so fulfilling for me to cater to new and unique kinks and help facilitate in the destigmatization of kink in the bedroom.

Intrigue me with your ideas! Submit your request over at my Customs page here.

Yes! I am a bit of a gear nerd and Fujifilm fan girl.

For photos and video, I usually use a Fujifilm X-H2S or X-T4.

Audio is done with a Rode NTG 3, VideoMic Pro, and 3Dio Free Space XLR mic.

Lighting? Oh, I have so many, but my most used ones are my Aputure 300Ds, Amaran P30Cs, and Amaran and Amaran 60Xs.

If you want to make me reallllllly happy, check out my photography wishlist here and send me a little surprise! 

There are so many ways, but it ultimately depends on what you enjoy most!

If you’re a fan of role play videos, then purchasing my clips on various clip sites like ManyVids and Clips4Sale would be awesome! If you like the ever popular subscription module, then subscribing to my Onlyfans or even Fansly would be so great. For something more personal, take advantage of when I’m available for custom content made just for you.

I totally get that supporting your favorite creator’s work on a monetary basis is not always feasible, and that’s ok! You can still be supportive by engaging with my posts across social media and on tube sites. Like, comment, favorite, share, all the things help appease the algorithms that push my content to new audiences so I can continue to grow and thrive as a creator.

If you really want to make my day, support the projects that directly relate to my hobbies like photography or Cat-lanthropy. You can find specific items I would like on my Wishlist. I promise, I will probably love you forever.

I could go into great lengths about banking discrimination as someone who works in the adult entertainment industry, but it’s not a fun conversation to have.

I don’t have any P2P apps that you can use because they are not adult friendly, so preferred ways of receiving tips and payment are through Onlyfans and ManyVids. It’s safe and anonymous for both of us!

The simple answer is that I prioritize messages from fans who take that extra step to support me. I only have so many hours in the day, so I only respond to messages from my Onlyfans subscribers. Those sending a tip go to the top of the list!

If someone that looks like me is DMing you on social media, it is a catfish.