I want to tailor our experience around your needs. I’m here for just about anything! You just have to let me know. I can be your cool, casual companion, your flirty friend with benefits, your sexed up side piece, or even just your life coach helping you keep your shit in order. I’m not much of a horn tooter, but I’m pretty fun to be around!

Some thing about me:

I’m on the West Coast and a bit of a night owl. My biggest interests are travel, craft beer (although I drink a lot less than I used to), good eats, and fashion, but we can talk about whatever you’d like since I also love learning about new things.

Things I’d love to do for you:

We can role play your perfect relationship, give male fashion advice (I’m an expert), let you vent about your rough day at work, give advice on how to better communicate with work/personal/love relationships (also an expert), share with you more about me, being your spoiled sugar baby, or just being your go to person to talk to. I’m here for you on KIK, Snap, or Discord for whatever you need.

Just Chatting? ($60 for 3 day trial required)

$100/Week and we’ll talk when I can. I’ll message you good morning when I wake up and good night when I go to bed. I love to talk about about almost anything (even nonsense). I’ll make sure you’re not neglected, even while I’m busy working. Conversations can get a little flirty, but dedicated time for sexting means you need to spoil me more. You won’t get any photos here, but you’ll always have someone to talk to.

GFE Lite ($100 for 3 day trial required)

$200/Week and we’ll talk a bunch throughout the day. I can send you cute and sexy photos, little behind the scenes of when I’m filming, and keep you company throughout our time together. I’ll message you when I wake up and tell you good night (as long as I don’t fall asleep on the couch watching Netflix). I’m fine with a little flirting or even some naughty chatting here and there, but if you want my undivided attention, then you better get to spoiling me. Photos/videos will be a mix of SFW and NSFW.

Sexty GFE ($150 for 3 day trial required)

$300/Week and I’ll sext with you whenever you’re in the mood. I’ll make sure to send fun, sexy photos and videos sent whenever I can. After our trial period, I’ll include a 20 minute session during our week together. This is great for kinky role plays, sexy, slutty mistresses, or getting to REALLY know each other!

Anything Else? Just Ask!

Book it: