What’s included with your subscription?

I love to post a mix of content and themes. Posts can range from selfies taken with my phone to more staged editorial photosets. Videos are usually shot on my iPhone, which the exception of my monthly role play video that’s chosen by all of my fans. Most posts are vanilla since that is what is most popular. I dabble in some light femdom, tit and ass worship, submissive, JOI, G/G (more to come this year), dildo play, taboo role play and a few others to keep my feed interesting.

2021 Posting Schedule:

Sunday — Lazy Day makeup free selfies + short video
Monday — pics + short video
Tuesday — Yoga Stream (tip to get me naked) + staged photoset 
Wednesday — pics + short video
Thursday — Throwback video (10-20min long + only available for 30 days)
Friday — Themed video (10-20min long + only available for 30 days)
Saturday — pics + short video 

What else can I expect?

Being a subscriber is the only sure way to get in touch with me. I don’t respond to DMs on Reddit, Twitter, or Instagram. With that being said, it’s just me! I don’t have an assistant or anyone handling my messaging. I’ll always do my best to respond when I can!

When I created my page, I wanted to it to be authentically me and keep the spam to a minimum. I don’t post shout outs, but I’ll always tag friends that I collaborate with.

I do send out paid messages, or PTVs, but it’s once a week. It’s almost always the longer videos that have expired from my feed so you have an opportunity to have them forever and ever.

I will send out reminders for special deals I’m offering custom content and bundles. If you ever don’t want to receive any messages like these from me, just let me know!

Sound good?

Heck yes it does! Maybe… hopefully… idk. I really do put a lot of love into my page though.